Thursday, 7 April 2011

On "How to Create Effective Facebook Wall Posts"

This morning I read this post called
How to Create Effective Facebook Wall Posts
by Courtney Boyd Myers. The
post summarises the results of a research performed by Buddy Media; the research
was about the "Likes" and comments on all Facebook Wall Posts. My notes on this
  • Marketers work Monday through Friday but Facebook is always available.
  • Post with up to 80 words lenght have a higher engagement raten than longer posts.
  • Engagement rates are 3 times higher for posts that used a full-length URL, rather
    than a URL shortener.
  • Posting outside normal business hours icreasees the engagement rates.
  • Engagement rates on Thursday and Friday are higher than other days of the week.
  • Keywords as "Events" or "Winning" were associated with promotions that had the highest
    engagement, while “buy,” and “shop” had low engagement.

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